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Continuing to showcase the best of short films from around the world, while maintaining our audience feedback format moderated by Matthew Toffolo. Showcasing a festival three times a month in Toronto.

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Here is the full program of films. Festival starts at 8pm sharp!

TRIPLETS, 4min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Jacob Krupnick

Filmed over three seasons and three trimesters, a young black ballerina prepares for the unimaginable: giving birth to three boys.

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WEISS – BEHIND THE WATCH, 4min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Jacob Patrick

A short documentary into the heart and mind of Cameron Weiss, the Master Watchmaker behind Weiss Watches in Los Angeles, CA.

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FRANK LITTLE, 6min., Poland, Documentary

Directed by Daniel Stanislawski

Frank Little is a passionate photographer who takes photos of New York City. He is known especially for cityscapes and for moonrise and moonset photos over NYC.

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NO COUNTRY IS AN ISLAND, 23min., Sri Lanka, Documentary

Directed by Mark Bone, Michael Del Monte

No Country Is An Island follows a group of multi-faith activists working to help the victims of the tragic 2019 Sri Lanka Easter Bombings, where terrorists killed over 250 people in coordinated attacks. The film follows two child best friends, one muslim, one christian, who now must wrestle with the tension of their precieved incongruity

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ALONE TOGETHER, 6min., USA, Documentary

Directed by JJ Sereday

It’s easy to fear the unknown, but the miracle of humanity is its ability to come together in times of need. The grim effects of COVID19 hit hard across the entire world and affects each of us individually. While capturing the eerie desolation the power of community and support for Frontline & Essential workers undeniably shined through.

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MILD, 3min., Australia, Documentary

Directed by Daniel Woods

Campbell Sims expresses on what it’s like to grow up having a learning difficulty in and out of school, whilst talking about how different things such as art has helped him get through life.

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AUKS ONE, 5min., USA, Documentary


A professional artist reveals how his roots in graffiti art still provide personal and aesthetic inspirations for his current work.

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CONFESSIONS OF A RUNNER, 29min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Bachar Khattar

Ultra-running evokes notions of insanity, dedication, and the pursuit of mind over body. A blend of eye-popping scenery, extreme human achievement, and revealing personal stories, Confessions of a Runner features Patrick Vaughan – an accomplished trail runner, small business owner, parent, and survivor of serious physical impairments – as he shares his story of healing and redemption while pursuing the record for completing the 470km Lebanon Mountain Trail. Exquisite handheld and drone cinematography and a soundtrack from local musicians provide context to this rugged north-to-south trail run, traversing from Syria to the Israeli border. Experience the Lebanese Mountain Trail through the strides and sweat of Patrick and the experiences of guide and record-holder Avedis Kalpaklian and other local runners. Patrick keeps one eye on his GPS and the other eye on the prize, breaking the record of eight days set by Avedis, a stand-out Lebanese mountain athlete and ultra-runner. Unscripted and unpredictable, Confessions is an exploration of what has driven Patrick to run incredible distances and redefine his limits in an inspiring journey to peace and redemption.

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BREATHE, NOLAN, BREATH, 34min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Daniel Catullo

Breathe Nolan Breathe is a raw, real, and emotionally-charged documentary that follows the events that unfolded when Nolan Burch (18) overdosed on alcohol on the night of Nov. 12, 2014. The film details the lack of urgency and care shown for Burch by the other fraternity members, and what happened next for Nolan, his family and the university.

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