Director Biography – Dan Botterill (90 MINUTES WITHOUT MEAT)

Fervent about film from a young age, Dan wrote for a student review blog and made short films outside of school and college. When he was 16 years old, Dan became an alumni of the BFI Film Academy and achieved his first film entry to a festival outside the UK. In the same year he began working for a freelance company and gained experience shooting and editing professional content for notable clients. In 2019, Dan graduated from the University for the Creative Arts, where he specialised in producing and further developed his passion for directing documentaries.

Director Statement

With the indisputable evidence that the earth’s climate is rising and the increasingly urgent need for businesses around the world to reduce their carbon footprint, this documentary not only shows the accomplishments of the greenest club in football, but how larger league clubs, and other sports teams outside of football, could follow suit in becoming more sustainable. This film could not have been made without the generous hospitality of the club and the hard work of our talented crew.

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