Director Biography – Barbara van Rijn (THE CURE)

Director, writer, creative storyteller Barbara van Rijn, born in the Netherlands, March 31st, 1984, began her career as TV editor for a human interest television program, graduated as camera journalist in 2007. She continued her career in corporate storytelling. In 2010 she moved to Ghana where she advised a local TV station. This is where… Continue reading Director Biography – Barbara van Rijn (THE CURE)

Short Film: THE CURE, 32min., Ghana, Documentary

Studies reveal that about 70% of Ghanaians depend on traditional and herbal medicine. This short documentary is a journey of five HIV patients from Ghana and their Dr. Duncan who promises to cure HIV with a drug that he discovered and produced, the COA drug. The big difference between Dr. Duncan and all other researchers… Continue reading Short Film: THE CURE, 32min., Ghana, Documentary