Short Film: LIVING AND DYING ON SEPTEMBER 11th – A FAMILY STORY, 34min., Germany

Directed by Dr. Jan Philipp Burgard
Living and Dying on September 11th – a Family Story, by Jan Philipp Burgard takes a heart wrenching look at the tragic death of Sebastian Gorki, a German who was killed when the World Trade Center towers were attacked in New York City , he was 27. His wife Paula, miraculously survived, as she made her way to her office in the World Trade Center later than usual due pregnancy related aliments. Their miracle baby now a grown man, a grieving but strong widow, and heartbroken parents share how they are coping with their loss and living their lives 20 years after 9/11.

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Director Biography – Dr. Jan Philipp Burgard

Dr. Jan Philipp Burgard, born in 1985, is editor-in-chief of WELT News channel in Germany. He studied political science, modern history and public law in Bonn and at the Sorbonne in Paris. From 2017 to 2021, he reported as a correspondent from the USA for ARD German TV. For his journalistic work he was awarded the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award and the RIAS Media Prize.

Director Statement

Since 9/11/01 I have felt connected to the Gorki family. They are from my hometown and Sebastian Gorki on is buried right near my father. I lost my father at a young age of a heart attack and couldn’t image what it was like to grow up without a father , especially when the cause his death was terrorism. I vowed that once I was a working journalist, I would this baby’s story so that no one would forget his father. The 20th anniversary seemed the perfect time and I contacted the family and they agreed. It with a great love of the importance of family, I present this tragic yet Inspirational story .

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