Short Film: CONNECTED OFF THE GRID, 20min., USA, Documentary

The last two generations have been striving to build bigger, better, stronger, faster but at a dangerous cost to the environment and society. At the end of the day, the dream is not always the cookie cutter house, the nine to five workday, the fancy car, and the repetition of the daily routine. A hidden number of people have decided to take a step back and reside alternatively, giving up the ideal of having the typical “American Dream” lifestyle. ​Connected Off the Grid​ follows three distinct individuals who have found the perfect balance between staying connected and disconnected at the right times in our world today. From Garth, a desert dweller who lives in a cement tipi to Stan, a tree-sitter fighting to save the Redwood forest, and to a family of four who live on a boat moored out on the water in preparation to sail around the world.

Now since the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stay home over the last year, some of us have seen the affects of our modern dependencies and have us thinking: Would it be better for our families, our communities, and our planet if we aimed to be a little more self-sufficient when it comes to how we live our daily lives?

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