Director Biography – Susan Gray (CLIMATE EMERGENCY – FEEDBACK LOOPS)

Susan Gray is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose films give voice to the major issues of our times addressing timely themes from racial, and environmental justice to politics and economics. Her films have appeared in festivals worldwide as well as on a range of television channels including PBS, National Geographic Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Channel 4 UK, ARTE France/Germany, NHK/Japan and many more. Among her many awards she has received a Nomination for Outstanding Historical Emmy, the Adolph Grimme Award (the German Oscars, and won the best of INPUT (public television programming worldwide). She began her career in environmental politics working on water issues in California.

Director Statement

When I began this project, I thought I knew about climate change. As I learned more over the course of the research and production, I realized I didn’t want to know. I had limited my understanding to only the superficial level of how people’s lives were being disrupted in faraway places. The actual science of what was happening to the planet beneath my feet was too scary to look at. Making these films forced me to look, to listen to the scientists, and confront the truth. As painful as it was to open my heart to the realization that the planet was teetering on a series of catastrophic tipping points, this knowledge allows me to make a conscious decision to be part of the solution or part of the problem. Hiding my head in the sand hadn’t stopped global warming. These five short films are a frank presentation of what scientists know about how the earth is warming the earth. After watching them, viewers can decide from a place of understanding what they want to do about a reality that is becoming harder and harder to ignore.


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