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LOSS IN LODI, 3min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Brandon Tauszik

Maria Miranda and her family live in Lodi, a small agricultural city in California’s Central Valley. Latinos make up 39% of Lodi’s population, yet account for 75% of all COVID-19 hospitalizations there. As the U.S. passes 500,000 Coronavirus deaths, communities of color continue to see cases and deaths exceed that of white communities. The Latino population bears the brunt of this imbalance and Maria has experienced this ongoing tragedy first hand.

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BEHIND THESE WALLS, 21min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Caitlyn Hynes

Behind These Walls is a documentary short that offers an unprecedented lens into a South-Central Los Angeles neighborhood’s arduous five-year campaign to end operations at their neighborhood oil drilling site – a site that is part of the largest urban oil field in the nation. Told through the perspective of local residents and community activists, this documentary explores the harsh realities and health consequences of urban oil drilling, while highlighting the perseverance of these activists in the face of adversities and setbacks.

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TOKYO WOMAN, 11min,. New Zealand, Documentary

Directed by Gwen Isaac

Tokyo Woman encounters three working women in the midst of a tumultuous time in Japan’s gender relations. With a brief glimpse into their lives, these intimate exchanges allow for connection and understanding.

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POWER FOR POLLINATORS, 19min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Mathew Schmid

“Power for Pollinators” explores how large land managers have a unique opportunity to turn tens of millions of acres into healthy pollinator habitat. In particular, power companies with right-of-way corridors and buffer zones are uniquely positioned to create large pollinator highways. These untapped areas have the potential to become one of the largest pollinator projects in history. If power companies and other land managers choose to work together planting flowers and reducing chemical use across the landscape, we can bring back pollinators and—with them—a host of essential food and ecosystem resources. As electricity flows through the landscape, power companies can help pollinators flow through the ecosystem.

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MUSIC AND DEMENTIA, 13min., Japan, Documentary

Directed by Shota Fujii

A professional pianist was diagnosed as an early on set dementia when she was in her 50’s and forgotten how to play the piano. She was depressed since then. Her husband wanted her to get back her meaning of life and they started practicing piano together. After 3 years practice and her husband support, she was able to play the piano again although her symptom progresses.

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