Director Biography – Alexxa Walker (PHENOMXNAL WOMXN)

Alexxa Walker is a Montreal-bred photographer, videographer and designer currently based in Ghana. Over the last four years, she has been committed to empowering, elevating and celebrating the voices and stories of underrepresented communities, with an emphasis on women of colour and African communities. This commitment is what led her to starting Phenomxnal Womxn – where she shares stories that speak to the realities of women around the world. Women and African communities have often been pushed to the peripheries of art, photography and history as a whole, which is why she strives to share their stories on larger platforms in order to diversify and amplify the representations of people of colour and ensure that marginalized communities have their voices heard.

In September 2019, she was awarded 3rd place in the Editorial/Press category at the International Photography Awards for her photo series, Phenomxnal Womxn. In September 2020, she was awarded the New/Early Career Visual Arts Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts in order to continue the project in Northern Ghana.

As a Jamaican-Filipina artist, Alexxa sees the environment in Ghana with a different lens. With a large percentage of Jamaicans being of Ghanaian descent, this project not only allows her to use her culture as inspiration and direction for her art, but also allows her to better understand her roots and history as a woman and member of the African diaspora. These roots enable her to connect with the women that she is interacting with since she can better understand the cultural subtleties and nuances that are unique to these communities. The art becomes a language, a way of understanding one another, a way of connecting.

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