Director Biography – Max Mollring, Ian Burris (THE NIGHT SHIFT)

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Max Mollring (director/editor) is a director, editor and colorist based out of Oakland. Originally from Arcata California, he attended San Francisco State University’s Undergrad film program. He has directed short films, music videos and commercials.

Ian Burris (director) is a filmmaker and musician residing in San Francisco. Born and raised in Santa Cruz California, Ian relocated to San Francisco to study Narrative and Documentary Filmmaking and San Francisco State University. During his time at SFSU he was accepted into the International Documentary Summer Workshop at Shanghai Normal University. The film he directed for the program “Bai Xie” went on to be selected for several film festivals including CAAM Fest. Ian currently works for the Local 16 I.A.T.S.E. Stagehands Union.

Director Statement

San Francisco has a stark contrast of wealth and poverty. Thousands of people sleep in doorways, cars, or massive tent cities expanding underneath the freeway system, while an influx of people chasing high paying tech jobs squeeze the city’s housing stock. People cope with the human tragedy unfolding on their streets by viewing the homeless as alcoholics, drug addicts or mentally ill, and this viewpoint implies that they are somehow deserving of their place in society. Through this film we wanted to try to change the narrative by profiling Angelo. Through him we wanted to show how someone who is charismatic and works hard, can still finds themselves stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty.

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