Director Biography – Manchhiring Tamang (A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A HIMALAYAN SHEPHERD)

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I am Manchhiring Tamang from Beautiful Country Nepal. Currently I am in the City of New York in the United States along with my family. I have worked as a research journalist in the field of indigenous peoples of Nepal and in tourism for long period. During my career in journalism I have visited most of the countries in the middle east, Europe, Japan, Malayasia, Singapore and finally to the United States. I have published articles and reported about the attractions of tourism and the concerns of indigenous peoples in those countries.

I have been the Chief Editor of for three years which is registered in the United States according to the law of the land. I have written various aticles in regard to the problems, opportunity and challenges of Non-Resident Nepali through this Taja Bahas.

Director Statement

This documentary is based on the day of a shepherd from this culturally rich community; who is in dilemma whether to ask his children to continue his profession or to let them join other job sectors. The community, the astonishing yet harsh landscape and pasture; with hopes to preserve their tradition which is unique in itself.

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