Watch the Audience FEEDBACK of the Short Doc “EATING CAKE”

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Eating Cake is an award winning short documentary that played at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. 

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK of EATING CAKE:

KUCHEN ESSEN (EATING CAKE), 16min, Documentary, Germany
Directed by Jana Burgelin

You have to pick the raisins out of everything!

You’re born, you live, you die. The trick is to do the best out of it. The question after the sense of life imposes itself in many situations. During the search after it, we have tried to throw a humorous and thoughtful view at the current condition of the people in Germany. Documentary elements are interwoven with staged parts, oldies meet young people , joy meets sadness, humans meet nature. Come along on a trip…

Screenplay Jana Burgelin

Director of Photography Florian Mag

Producer Linda Dedkova, Jana Burgelin

Director Jana Burgelin

Editor Jana Burgelin

Sound-Design Benedikt Vogel

Music Octavia Gloggengieier

Shooting days
Location B Running time 16:00

Shooting Format HD
Screening Format DCP, DVD, BluRay
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Sound Stereo: Colour, German, English Subtitles

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