Director Biography – Matthieu Vinel (NAMIBIA)

Matthieu Vinel grew up in Lorraine in the east of France, a region marked by the steel crisis. Early on he discovered a passion for the seventh art and devoured the film selection at his local library – Wilder, Clouzot, Murnau, Walsh, Renoir, Hitchcock, Füller, Kazan, Mann, Kurosawa, Clayton, Spielberg, Polanski…In parallel he cultivated his… Continue reading Director Biography – Matthieu Vinel (NAMIBIA)

Short Film: NAMIBIA, 8min., Namibia, Documentary

Two friends, a filmmaker and photographer, traverse the vast expanses of Namibia in their 4×4 Ford Ranger. Discover with them the wild animals of Etosha, the incredible richness of life in the Himba village or the volcanic mountains of Damaraland and meet the locals in Katutura, a poor district in the capital. This hypnotic road… Continue reading Short Film: NAMIBIA, 8min., Namibia, Documentary