Short Film: PETE THE POND, 15min., UK

Directed by WIll Clothier
Pete the Pond has spent the last 20 years trying to return Britain’s aquatic wildlife to its former glory. Despite his best efforts, the abundance of creatures he remembers from his childhood are quickly disappearing. As he sets out to build yet another wildlife pond in a British garden, a letter from his local council threatens to destroy his life’s work. Can Pete reach his goal of reconnecting the next generation with the natural world? Or is Britain’s biodiversity crisis a lost cause?

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Director Statement

‘Pete the Pond’ is a celebration of one man’s life-mission to restore the British countryside to its former glory. Upon meeting Pete, it became quickly apparent that his genuine love for the world around him had the power to inspire people from all walks of life to take action against the biodiversity crisis in whatever way they can. Working with Pete has helped me personally to fully appreciate our native wildlife right on our doorstep, and I cannot express enough my gratitude for the time he has given me to tell his story at the very start of my filmmaking career. I hope this film has done him and his remarkable story justice and will help to spread his message far and wide – everyone should have a pond in their garden.

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