Feature Film: THE DESIRE TO LIVE, 90min., Armenia

Directed by Mariam Avetisyan
Stories of the indigenous people of Artsakh, after the recent 44 day war with Azerbaijan and suffering a devastating loss of lives and land. The desire to live is really a right to live on their lands and be protected by the threat of war, genocide and crimes against their humanity.

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Director Biography – Mariam Avetisyan

Mariam Avetisyan is a filmmaker from Artsakh, born and raised. She’s studied journalism and worked for Artsakh TV for a few years before embarking on the incredible documentary web-series and feature film on the post-war life in Artsakh called #TheDesireToLive.

Director Statement

This film is going to show the effects of the war on the people of Artsakh and their livelihood. The documentary feature has won numerous awards so far and the third season of the web series will start in Feb 2022. We will release two new episodes a month.

With a small crew, we will take all the support we can get! If you want to learn more about Artsakh and the people that live in it, subscribe to my Youtube channel!

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