Directed by Sue Wetjen
The film brings us closer to the figure of Pedro Sañudo. A man committed to his time, a person with values, of great coherence, who combines his speech with his acts. From 1971 to today he is professionally dedicated to leather crafts.

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Director Biography – Sue Wetjen

She was born in Bremen, Germany.
She lives and works in Barcelona as a freelance photographer and video director.
After several long stays abroad, she studied Pedagogy and Art Therapy at the “Hochschuke für Künste im Sozialen”. University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Ottersberg, Germany.
She lived for a few years in Berlin, where he worked on various social projects and as an independent artist in the field of photography and video production.
In 2004 she moved to Barcelona, ​​studied photography at IDEP, and specialized in portrait and lifestyle photography.

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