Short Film: WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY?, 9min., USA, Documentary

Clive, a fifty-two-year-old accountant walks daily for miles with no direction and no plan. It is freestyle fitness and meditation all-in-one. But what seems like simple routine exercise reveals an act of grieving and persevering through loss.
Three years ago, with big plans ahead of his 49th birthday, Clive couldn’t have anticipated the life changing decision he had to make on the day of his birthday: keep his mother alive or remove her from life support.

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Director Biography – Eric BOMBA-IRE

Eric Bomba-Ire is a Ghanaian Producer, Writer and Director based in Atlanta since 1997. His work explores narratives on the intersections and connections between people, cultures and places. His first feature “Night Shots” – about three sets of immigrants in downtown Atlanta in a changing city – premiered in an event sponsored by the Mayor’s office of cultural Affairs in Atlanta.

He is also the founder of, an online platform that shines a light on the independent film scene in the Atlanta and the southeast since 2005. In recent years, he moderates discussion panels for the Baton Foundation, a non-profit that delivers fact-based information about the culture and history of the African diaspora.

Eric is also known for his avid support and commitment to the development and exposure of new African and diaspora narratives in films.

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