Short Film: THOSE WHO LEAVE, AND THOSE WHO STAY, 30min., China, Documentary

In the rural village in southern China, the establishment of pylons forces the three families to face different worries about relocation. This is a microcosm of a group of ordinary people under the torrent of current Chinese era. Driven by modernization, they move towards an unknown future.

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Director Biography – Joe Poni

Joe Poni found his love for filmmaking at 8 years old when his older brother brought home a camcorder. He knew video production was what he wanted to do after seeing the excitement from family members after showing the movies he made. Today, Joe’s passion for storytelling has translated to 15 years of experience across multiple genres. He has worked as a Writer, Director, DP and Editor and takes pride in being able to use his talents where needed on any given project.

Director Statement

When the whole world stopped, there were people who rose to the occasion during one of the most challenging times in recent history, the Covid 19 pandemic. Among the people who worked through this challenging time were fieldworkers. In California, farm workers worked through the pandemic to bring food to the table of Americans. Their dedication and hard work has gone unseen and it was my honor to highlight their sacrifice. This documentary is a look deeper into their day to day and hopefully raise awareness to how vital they are to society and give them the recognition they deserve.

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