The life story of Buck Southworth, a U.S. Air Force Flight Crew in the Vietnam War, told and narrated by his wife, Priscilla Southworth. This is a remarkable and touching documentary about bravery, mission, love and death by Agent Orange.

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Director Biography – Daniel Bernardi

Daniel Bernardi is a documentary filmmaker, cultural studies scholar and veteran of the Iraq War. His research explores the representation and narration of race in American film and television, and includes the award-winning book Star Trek and History: Race-ing Toward a White Future. His 2018 film, The American War, tells the story of the Vietnam War from the point of view of the Vietcong. His other films explore a wide range of subjects, from the diversity of the veteran experience to the role of science in the lives of today’s citizenry. He earned his doctorate from the School of Theatre, Film and Television at UCLA.

Director Statement
As a veteran of the Iraq War, I considered it an honor to tell Buck Southworth’s story of service in Vietnam and subsequent love affair with Pricilla. Buck’s experience with Agent Orange and the cancer that took his life is poignantly but touchingly narrated by Pricilla, his wife and now widower. She is a beautiful person, and I consider her a friend (one of the many benefits of documentary filmmaking).

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