Short Film: 414 DUPONT, 5min., Canada

414 Dupont is a story about generational transition and family legacy, set against a changing neighborhood in Toronto, ON. Once the revered Indian Rice Factory — a restaurant opened by Indian immigrant mother and chef, Amar Patel, the building has since transformed into local favourite, Fat Pasha. By weaving together family portraits and scenes from the iconic Dupont St, the film explores freedom of culinary expression, sense of service, and love of family as common threads which prevail within the space today.

Director Biography – Mica Daniels, Sise Drummond

Mica Daniels (she/her) and Sise Drummond (she/her) are the creative duo behind Good Luck, a Canadian short form content studio that works to uplift brands, communities and emerging artists. Together, they write, direct and produce mixed media projects that aim to explore humanity, nostalgia and nature.

By documentaryfestival

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