Short Film: BITTERSWEET, 13min., Australia

An intimate observational documentary that follows a mother of three as she cares for her son with a disability. This documentary was made to create awareness for Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) by observing how it affects a four year old boy and his family.

Director Statement
The making of this documentary required the close observation of the family of Briana James over a period of several days.
The motivation behind the making of this film was initially to raise awareness for the condition of AMC, but upon the commencement of filming we began to realise there was more to Ian’s life than just his debilitating condition. His mother’s relentless care and love for him and his brothers were truly a touching and powerful sight. Thus the vision of this film changed in order to convey this family’s typical order of life. From the dawn til dusk, we observe the struggle of parenthood from the perspective of a single mother who not only deals with 3 young children but one with a rare disease.

By documentaryfestival

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