Director BIO:  A’Dora Phillips, Brian Schumacher (SERGE HOLLERBACH: A RUSSIAN PAINTER IN NEW YORK)

A’Dora Phillips directs The Vision & Art Project, which focuses on documenting the lives and work of artists with vision loss due to macular degeneration. In recent years, she has begun making film profiles of artists in collaboration with Brian Schumacher and others. A writer and translator, she is currently pursuing a PhD in literature and creative writing at the University of Cincinnati.

Brian Schumacher is a practicing artist and educator, and is creative director of The Vision and Art Project. In an effort to more fully profile the artists they work with, both he and A’Dora have started making short films that explore the daily practices, thoughts, and feelings unique to each artist’s experience of continuing to work with vision loss.

Director Statement

Serge Hollerbach: A Russian Painter in New York is our second short film documenting an artist’s thoughts and feelings about navigating the challenging intersection of vision loss and the making of art. We loved making this film–and love film in general–because it allows us to so vividly capture the lives of artists like Serge–their voices; the details, textures, and sounds of their studios; the way they mix their paint and interact with their subject matter. In our films, we aspire to create a lasting homage to artists like Serge, who have labored in relative isolation to hold the torch of creativity and bravely continue on after a potentially devastating loss. But we’re not only drawn to film because it captures and preserves lives. We’re also in awe of how powerfully it communicates and invites people to share the experiences of others. Its rich tapestry of visual, musical, and verbal layers encourages as no other media can an immersion in other worlds, including the utterly unique worlds of artists. That leads in turn to moments of genuine connection, wonder, and empathy.

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