Director BIO: Anushka Shivdasani Rovshen (THE NEW NORMA)

Director, producer, teacher and founder of Running Cow Films, Anushka wears many hats. With over 15 years of experience, she has worked on a wide range of TV commercials, digital content, documentaries and short fiction films.

She has an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she was the sole recipient of the Gelman Grant for her thesis film, “Perhaps”. This grant funded another short fiction film “Us Paar” (“The Opposite Shore”). Both these short films have been shown at international festivals. In 2018, she collaborated with Madhuri Mohindar to make a documentary on mental health called “Breathe,” funded by PSBT. Anushka is also a guest lecturer in documentary filmmaking at Sophia Polytechnic College.

Some of the brands Running Cow films has shot for are GE, HP Printers, Raw Pressery, Reliance, Mumbai Indians, Tata Tea, Tata Capital amongst others.

Anushka thrives on throwing herself wholeheartedly into every thing she does, whether it’s directing, teaching, scuba diving, or being a mom. But for now she’s focused on breaking new ground at Running Cow.

Director Statement

When the pandemic hit, as filmmakers the only way to channelise emotion was through our work. I felt a need to respond, and to question an economic and social system that is unable to protect its planet or people. As the race to normalcy continued, I feverently hoped that we didn’t return to “the normal” we once accepted. I soon realised I was not alone in this –

Thank you is simply not enough to every single collaborator who believed in this idea and supported in slowly growing it into a film, without anything in return.

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