Director Biography – Christopher Aumen (A SECOND CHANCE)

A well-regarded and in demand video and film production company, Christopher Aumen is as comfortable in a Director’s chair as he is behind the lens. He brings an artistic eye and sensibility to capture the story needing to be told. Also, a drone expert, he is fearless and puts himself and his team into any environment required to capture what’s needed. Avis, Mevo and X3 are among their clients.

Director Statement

What began as a single-day-shoot quickly transformed into a much larger passion-fueled film production. After the first cut, it was clear our story was not simply a group of friends out for a climb, it was Nicky. We set up additional production days with a more intimate crew to focus solely on Nicky and her story. Our assignment from Chris Paradysz was simple: dig deeper. After a quick climb, we sat at the foot of the wall, rolled camera and sound, and let our conversation meander beyond the menial.

In post-production, her story was woven beautifully around the breathtaking imagery from DP Matt Stambaugh and camera op Andrew Baer, pulled tightly together by the golden thread of music. The soundtrack, skillfully composed by Nico Paradysz and Tom Matera, plays carefully throughout, leading us to the sonic home of that now-familiar melody.

This film is a testament to the combined power of a well-planned roadmap and the bold embrace of detours, and the freedom to exercise that boldness could be provided only by Adventure Explorations. I sincerely look forward to the next film under their banner.

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