INSPIRATIONAL DOC Feature Film Festival – Streaming link July 8th

Watch the FESTIVAL NOW – Streams all day July 8th. Shuts down 6am EST on July 9th.

A showcase of the winning DOCUMENTARY Feature Film:

The story of a Santa Barbara triathlete that was nearly killed in a horrific training accident, survived, healed, rehabilitated, trained, and ultimately made it back to competition, winning the 2019 Santa Barbara Triathlon.

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Director Biography – Neil Myers

Neil Myers is a native Californian who was born in Los Angeles, grew-up in Santa Rosa, and has lived for the past 32 years in Santa Barbara. As the owner of a successful marketing firm, Neil has been telling stories for the past 32 years.

His lifelong goal is to make documentary films. When Neil was involved in a near-fatal bicycle accident in 2018, from which he survived, healed, rehabbed and ultimately returned to triathlon competition, he realized he had the basis for his first documentary.

Climb is Neil’s first documentary film.

Director Statement

Climb is a story about a mountain, an accident, the support of a community, and of an unlikely — but inspiring — outcome.

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