Director Biography – Shane O’Neill (CLOWN)

A graduate of both the National Film School of Ireland and the University of Westminster, Dubliner Shane is based in London working across advertising & broadcasting, writing & developing integrated, multi-platform campaigns.
Shane is also a freelance shoot director; creating commercials, promos & digital content. This is his first short film.

Director Statement

“Clown has been my labour of love for a couple of years and I’m immensely proud of the film. Mattie is a brilliant storyteller and a really honest & open guy so I wanted to do justice to his character and to the scene he’s entrenched in by building a textured, constantly changing visual world around his stories. Every time we spoke I learned something new and fascinating about the Clown scene and I tried to cram lots of these brilliant stories into the film. On the face of it, the film is about one man looking back on the moments that defined his life but on another level it’s a curious peek behind the curtain of the unusual & fascinating world of clowns.”

By documentaryfestival

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