Director Biography – Maxwel Hohn (TADPOLES: THE BIG LITTLE MIGRATION)

Maxwel Hohn lives in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. He is an adventurer, photographer and filmmaker with a passion for showcasing British Columbia’s stunning natural diversity. Maxwel grew up on the Sunshine Coast before travelling around the world evolving his skills as a photographer. Honduras, Vietnam, Norway, Greece, The Bahamas, and Tanzania all helped sharpen his skills to become one of Canada’s leading nature photographers. He has contributed video to the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, various BC tourism organizations, won ‘Best In Show’ at the 2018 and 2019 Monterey Shootout, is a published photographer and writer, and has a prominent social media following.

Director Statement

“Documenting almost the entire life cycle of an animal is rare, challenging, and lots of fun. Being able to capture something as unique as following the toad’s incredible underwater metamorphosis over the 6-8 weeks has been a passion project from the start.  The guessing game of figuring out the daily routine of the tadpoles required patience, observation and a healthy dose of curiosity in order to “think“ like a tadpole. For me as a photographer I really wanted to document each of those moments to share everything I’ve learnt from observing these fascinating little creatures. “

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