Director Biography – Mani Mirsadeghi (IRAN’S WILD SIDE)

Mani Mirsadeghi is a marine biologist and documentary filmmaker who has made several films related to wildlife and environmental issues since 1993. He has traveled extensively, from Antarctica to the North Pole, has made documentaries from the underwater world of the Oman Sea to the wildlife of Africa and Siberia. His goal is to inspire viewers to take action to save the environment and protect the endangered species.

His latest documentary titled Iran’s Wild Side (2018), co-produced with National Geographic Wild, features rare and endangered wildlife species from different ecological regions of Iran. His film Blues of the Blue Lake (2017), a UNDP’s wetland conservation program, is a documentary about Urmia Lake in Iran.

Some of Mirsadeghi’s films have received international awards. He is the recipient of the Panda Award in Wildscreen (United Kingdom) in 2008, and the International Wildlife Film Festival Award (United States) in 2007. His film Soul of the Reef was recognized by UNESCO as the “Memory of the World” in 2014.

Mirsadeghi is the recipient of the National Geographic Explorer grant (2016), and currently is in the process of producing a documentary about the Asiatic Cheetah in Iran titled T.R.A.C.E: Tracing Resilience: Asiatic Cheetah Expedition.

He is the founder of Mani Film (Blue Awareness NGO) based in Toronto.

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