Director Biography – Charlotte Mungomery (UNTIL WE TOUCH)

Charlotte freelances as a director across the music video, fashion, documentary and short form commercial mediums. She has been fortunate enough to work on productions of varying scales from lower-budget to professional, higher end shoots.

Beginning her career as a production designer for theatre gave her a unique visual style in the film world. Her work as a production designer and co-creator on music video clip ‘Vampires’ won ‘Best Music Video’ at 2017 Australian Online Video Awards and Winner of ‘Best Production Design for a Music Video / Short Film’ at 2017 Australian Production Design Guild Awards. In 2018 Charlotte became the youngest production designer to win the AIT award for Best Set Design for Live Performance for her set design for Brandenburg Orchestras ‘Bittersweet Obsessions’.

Charlottes work has been featured in film festivals across Australia and internationally. Her most recent film work short film ‘Crikey’ which she designed and directed was part of the official selection at Melbourne Fashion Film Festival and LA Fashion Film Festival. She is currently a featured artist on ‘Thursdays Child Global’ an international platform of hand selected filmmakers & photographers.

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