Director Biography – Cara Bowen (FEEDING LEWISHAM)

Cara Bowen is a producer and director, known for Jo Brand’s Cats & Kittens (2017), Dom on the Spot (2016) and The Undateables (2012).

Director Statement

Cara Bowen, a freelance documentarian and television producer, oversaw the small project. She said: “I heard about the plan through Twitter and wanted to get involved. There were a couple of other producers that were already participating but because I had a camera kit, I and another director filmed it. I got the editor, music designer and colourist, all who worked on the project for free.

Bowen added: “I wanted to help out my community and was able to offer my skills and equipment, neither of which I was using! I also felt very passionate about the subject, I think the overall message we wanted to convey was poverty. Poverty is the real issue here and COVID has thrown light onto it. Money is being tossed at COVID without trying to find solutions to the systemic problems that have affected our communities for generations, especially people of colour. Without much help from the councils or government, communities have come together to provide for those in need, and that’s what Ray’s documentary really emphasises.”

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