Director Biography – Isabela Falcão Vaz (SAUDADE)

Isabela Falcão vaz was born in 1984 in Porto, Portugal.

She began her career as an Architect in Portugal and along this path she worked and lived in Belgium and Switzerland, where she currently lives.

Cinema was always a silent presence that became a louder call.
She interrupted her career in Architecture and attended a course in MET Film School Berlin in 2017 that gave her the tools to start to materialize her way to her own dreams through this Art.

” Saudade” it’s her first short film and it’s also a direct translation of a feeling that became a permanent sound in her own life.

Director Statement

For me the most important point in something i create is the way people react to it and
how they feel it, did it trigger something inside, did it change a vision.
I tend to love the films that made me feel myself someway, that made some difference or mixed my own feelings in an intense way, so i believe my tendency through my life was always that and consequently this project has that undertone below.

Why this feeling specifically, why Saudade?

Well, it started as a personal intention, Saudade is a permanent feeling in my own
life through the last years as an emigrant and it has hurted me and simultaneously it
helped me to create some defences. It amplified the need to absorve the value of the
small simple images, to relate them to the things i miss. Knowing how painful is to
be far in a permanent alert that reminds you that you might be loosing memories of
people you love, and you may lose them without sharing their last years. How much
the longing will absorve your spirit when you realise it won’t come back. All of this
gives you a unconscious power. The power of grabbing more each moment, the power
of picking little things of your everyday life to fill a small little corner of your emptiness.

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