Director Biography – Maria Vattimo (KIM)

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Maria Vattimo is a director and cinematographer based in Philadelphia, Pa with a focus in commercial work and documentary filmmaking. She began her career working in camera and in recent years has transitioned to directing. Documentary work has taken her across the United States and Internationally. Recent projects have included a feature-length documentary about the history of the Penn Relays, a short documentary about a baseball league in the South Side of Chicago that was exhibited at New York Fashion Week (2019), and a branded documentary project exploring the history of Cognac, shot on location in Cognac, France.

Director Statement

KIM is the first release in CRAFT, a short film series that explores under-represented artists and makers across America that turned their passion into purpose. Instead of exploring cities like NYC and LA that are flooded with talent and opportunity, we want to shed light on the cultural diversity in cities that are often overlooked. We are currently in the early stages of preproduction for the next film that will focus on an artist based in Albuquerque, NM.

I first met Kim when I was sixteen years old, as she was my dance teacher many years ago. Her passion and talent has always been a beacon of inspiration for me. As years passed, our relationship transformed into a close friendship and after seeing her dance company perform, I knew this was a story that had to be told.

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