Director Biography – Mike Johnston (SYNNOPSIS)

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Mike Johnston is an award-winning director and producer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He often chooses to make films based or inspired on true events with complex, character-driven perspectives. Mike’s most recent narrative film, Line of Fire (2018) was inspired by a true story and the swatting phenomenon that was sweeping the United States in 2017-2018. The film went on as an Official Selection at more than ten film festivals in the United States. Winning an Award of Recognition at the Best Shorts Competition in Los Angeles as well as the Audience Choice Award. Mike is currently in production on the film, ZERO (2019) – a dark comedy about a zero waste serial killer and a documentary entitled, VAN-COUVER (2020) about the housing crisis currently facing Vancouver, British Columbia.

Director Statement

I have been a fan of professional wrestling my entire life. The athleticism, , the grandeur, the marvelous characters all put together made for some of the most entertaining storytelling I experienced as a kid. However, the realities of professional wrestling are far more grim. It is a low paying business prone to injury, drug use and early death.

In my adult years, I searched for ways to combine my loves of filmmaking and professional wrestling together. Enter, Aidan Pringle. An actor and stuntman I had the pleasure of meeting on set in July 2015. We instantly connected through our love of professional wrestling. Almost three years later, we found ourselves making a film about Aidan’s experiences in professional wrestling. Setting out to direct this piece, I wanted to put a positive spin on the professional wrestling scene. Dozens of documentaries on the sport are released every year, and all of them are negative exposes seeking to defame the business. Synnopsis is a film made to present the other side of that coin. While Aidan was ultimately unsuccessful in achieving all of his goals in wrestling, he founds ways to parlay that into a successful career outside of the ring. So while it may not seem like one on the surface, Synnopsis is the story of a life well made through wrestling and not the story of a veteran looking for an early grave. I hope you enjoy!

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