Director Biography – Martin Buzora (THE STORY OF PEMA)

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Martin Buzora is a CSA nominated Director/Cinematographer working around the globe. His latest series “Kenya Wildlife Diaries” (2016) chronicled some of the most important conservation and anti-poaching work in East Africa, and was nominated for two Canadian Screen Awards for Best Factual Series and Best Cinematography, and premiered on Smithsonian and Love Nature. His short film, “The Story of Aisholpan” (2017) is a portrait of Mongolia’s now-famous young Eagle Huntress, a breathtaking tale of female empowerment and evolving tradition, set in the stunning landscapes of the Altai Mountains. Besides documentaries, Buzora also DP’s dramatic feature films. His approach to storytelling remains the same whether it’s film or documentary: great storytelling explores the dramas of life and illuminates the human condition.

Director Statement

The first film of its kind by a Western filmmaker to come out of Tibet, “The Story of Pema” gives us an exceedingly rare glimpse into a sacred, forbidden land. Never before have images like these been captured of this region and its people. With the continual modernization of China, the nomadic cultures of the Tibetan grasslands are rapidly disappearing. This film is not only a love song to an ancient nomadic way of life, but also an anthropological record of a culture whose survival into the future is unclear.

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