Director Biography – Nadia Sasso, Nofisat Sonekan (THE NAME = THE STORY)

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For Nadia Sasso, the connection to the African Diaspora has always been strong. Born in America to Sierra Leonean immigrant parents, Sasso is a leader in establishing social and entrepreneurial connections across cultures and fostering civic responsibility. Her recent film Am I has been featured in media platforms, such as Huffington Post, Blavity, The ColorLines, OkayAfrica, UBS, The Peace Corps and has been recognized by universities nationally and internationally. She is changing the conversation on what it means to be African and American in America and on the continent. @iamnadiamarie

Sultry with an intellectual edge, Nofisat Sonekan, aka Love Nafi is an afropolitan with a mission to change the way our generation views the world. She is an honors scholar and graduate of New York University and also completed her doctoral training at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. She has written for publications such as Blavity, Black Bride, and Radiant Health Magazine. Her other notable experiences include developing educational initiatives at Riker’s Island Jail Academy and creating an original web series. She currently produces multimedia content that draws inspiration from contemporary Pan- African ideology. @love_nafi

Director Statement

Nadia Marie is a brand curator, digital storyteller and social entrepreneur. Also embodying a trifecta, Love Nafi is a multimedia producer, freelance writer, and performing artist. Both women are 1st generation Americans that use writing and film as powerful communicative tools to reach audiences in different continents, and keenly highlight different cultures. They strive to educate and speak on relatable issues and topics that challenge one’s way of thinking. They have collaborated as co-producers to birth Shades: The DMV, a series of documentaries about first generation Americans of African born immigrants living in the DC metropolitan and following their creative dreams. The project is reflective for both producers as it is an expression of their own self consciousness and personal narratives through their “shades”.

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