Director Biography – Marcos Almada Rivero. Alejandra Chacón Gallardo, Monique Zepeda (WE)

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Marcos Almada

Film director.

1. Animated short film “Fuimos colores” (We were colors): direction, art, and storyboard.
2. Animated short film “El Secreto de Cuatrociénegas (The secret of Cuatroacienengas): direction, and arts.
3. Animated short film “Colourmakers”: art.
4. Animated series “El show del Dr. Greko” (Dr. Greko´s Show).

Monique Zepeda
Speaker, workshop facilitator, trainer, writer, therapist with a specialty in children, teenagers, and adults, equity gender topics, and violence prevention. Reading promoter, and certified Kiva Trainer, antibullying Finnish Program.

Alejandra Chacon
Certified Psychoanalyst, certified Lawyer, CEO of a company named Respect Under Construction Company, and entrepreneur.

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