Director Bio: Elizabeth Ebbert (I AM MEANT TO BE THIS WAY)

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After the birth of her child four and a half years ago, Ms. Ebbert started creating video edits in an attempt to obsessively preserve every fleeting moment of her daughter’s childhood. She has now extended this obsession into documenting family stories, and amplifying the voices of women.


Director Statement

This documentary is based on my experience in my community of Astoria, Queens. I see women, particularly mothers, organizing, creating networks, marching, going to rallies, making phone calls, meeting with elected officials, building a community and engaging in online discussions on how best to combat the backward momentum of our current politics. These behind-the-scenes efforts go largely unnoticed by society, as the work of women often does. Consequently, I felt compelled to tell their stories, and when I realized that two local leaders in the community were pregnant, I was even more convinced I had to bring this idea to life. I wanted to tell the stories of the women who march. Who are they? What motivates them? Why do they feel it’s necessary to fight so tenaciously?

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