Director BIO: James Suter (LION)

Director Biography – James Suter

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James Suter is a private photographic guide who gained much of his experience working for the world renowned Singita Game Reserves. Now based in Cape Town, he offers a unique photographic safari experience and has recently pioneered the video safari capturing his clients in action while on an adventure through Africa.

His passion for the outdoors started at a young age and was passed down from his father. James is actively involved with conservation, particularly in assisting in creating awareness and raising funds for teams working on the ground.

As co-owner of Black Bean Productions, a small film production company in Cape Town, he works with the team to create much needed content for those working tirelessly in the field – this content includes working with a range of organisations involved in various activities that are crucial in terms of conservation and the protection of our wildlife.

With his extensive background in professional guiding and travels throughout Africa, James prides himself on his ability to capture the essence of these timeless landscapes. His profound knowledge of the bush coupled with his photographic and video expertise creates a rare and distinctive product.


Director Statement


I believe that everyone should experience a safari in Africa. Not only is it a chance to immerse oneself in the pristine beauty of the African wilderness, but it is also a chance to embrace the raw sense of adventure that comes in losing yourself in the unexpected magic that waits around every corner. Africa is a place of miracles and wonder, a place of stillness and primordial beauty. It is everyone’s heritage, and responsibility. But more importantly, everyone should celebrate this unique continent, and take whatever opportunity they can to experience it and take time to soak up the wild places of Africa – it really will have an impact on your life.

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