Director BIO: Omino Gardezi (LEAD THE PARADE)

Short Film played at the November 2017 DOCUMENTARY Short Film Festival

Director Biography

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Omino Gardezi is an experimental filmmaker who bridges the gap between film and video art, marrying live action and animation in a composite style all his own.

Through his work, he has collaborated with a diverse mix of artists, including African American artist Kehinde Wiley and the legendary Chuck Close, Brasilian Grafitti artist ACME and Delon among others. Omino’s documentary film work has exhibited at The Tate gallery, London; The Barbican Centre, London; in Warsaw, Poland, and independent film festivals in Japan and Taiwan.

His most recent work is a three-part documentary about the impact of poverty on children titled “Lead the Parade” .

With a deep-seated love for the streets he came from, Omino is constantly searching for new ways to tell the stories of the minorities and underprivileged, producing work that is compelling, visually beautiful and authentic.

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