Director BIO: Mason Fleming (Romance Film Festival)

Short Film Played at the ROMANCE FEEDBACK Film Festival in Los Angeles (September 2017)

Director Biography

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Mason completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Western Australia in 2015 and a Master of Screen Directing at the WA Screen Academy in 2016. During his undergraduate studies, he was a director of videography for TEDxPerth, while also practicing his passion for storytelling by creating self-funded short films. Mason’s ambition is to have a career in directing unique stories for Australian film and television; with a passion for feature and mini-series length narratives as well as short form.

Director Statement

Deighties is a short documentary about embracing the inner child in the golden years of your life. It explores a common yet surprisingly hidden circumstance; when one has to move on from the loss of a life-long partner. I believe it’s a story with universal themes that all can relate to. Everybody will age, everybody will experience loss, and if they choose to, everybody can experience the beauty of newfound companionship. When I first heard the concept of ‘Deighties’, my thoughts immediately turned to a story of my late great grandmother, Daphne. My father brought
his new girlfriend along to a Christmas dinner, to introduce her into the family. Daphne’s hearing aids weren’t working too well, making her talk far above the level of an inside voice. Late in the night, Daphne walked up to my father’s girlfriend and silenced the party with one particularly loud statement; “Never pass up the chance to make love.” While this made most people in the room seriously uncomfortable (and understandably so), I found the strangely forward demand to have quite a touching sentiment. It was a woman at the end of her life cautioning somebody in their relative youth: Don’t let go of the need for companionship. One day it may not be there. Daphne sadly passed away within the next few years, but the message of her words stayed. It’s a message that holds true to every frame of this documentary. The purpose of the Deighties is to show beauty and joy in a time of loneliness and heartache – to show that there’s always a possibility to
find something to love in life. I sincerely hope you enjoy the
documentary, and that you may even find something to love in it.

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