Interview with director Adrian Buitenhuis (I AM HEATH LEDGER)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

adrian buitenhuis.jpg“I am Heath Ledger” is a terrific documentary about the life of the talented actor and artist who left us way too early. It’s told through interviews of his good friends,  interspersed with Heath’s own home videos.

It was an honor to chat with the co-director of the film on the phone. The film is already a giant success and a must see for any fan of artistry in general.

Matthew Toffolo: What brought you to this project?

Adrian Buitenhuis: The company I work for, Network Entertainment, has already done a series of “I am” projects. Chris Farley, Steve McQueen etc… Heath was one they were thinking of doing for awhile.

I was working on another project in Columbia (Pablo Escobar) and they called me asking if I was interested in the project. I immediately was intrigued because his memory isn’t necessarily about his work and creativity from the mainstream…

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