THE BODY I LIVE IN – AUDIENCE FEEDBACK from the March 2017 DOC Shorts Festival

AUDIENCE FEEDBACK VIDEO. Moderated by Kierston Drier:

Directed by Sam Davis-Boyd

A personal-narrative documentary that follows Sam Boyd on her journey of self-love and acceptance, in a world that tells fat women they don’t deserve it. There is a large cultural narrative about female attractiveness, especially fat woman’s attractiveness (or lack thereof) that pervades fat women from feeling like they deserve to be loved, respected and wanted by another human being in a romantic way.

Director’s Statement:

This documentary is a very personal journey that I decided to take with my then fiance (now wife) in the Fall of 2015-examining the personal effects of my body images issues within the scope of my relationship. This project came about for many reasons. First and foremost, because living as a fat woman for most of my life, I’ve seen the adverse effects it has had on my self-esteem, which in turn, have effected my romantic relationship.

Secondly, I’m tired of living in a world where fat women are told that they should be grateful to have someone give them attention, that “you’d be lucky if someone fucked your fat ass”. I know what it feels like to be grateful for someone’s attention or gaze, however unwelcome and at the same time be disgusted that this is what our culture teaches fat people. That we are undeserving of love (loving attention) and undeserving of healthy sexual relationships. I know what it feels like to feel unwanted (nor will ever be wanted) because of the way you look.

I had several goals with this film, the most important being to shed light on one fat woman’s healthy, loving relationship in the hopes of encouraging other fat woman that they too can realize their self worth and that they deserve to be loved. Having faced the abuse, fat-shaming, and mainstream media focus on the way a woman “should” look all my life, it’s left me pretty broken, in terms of how I view my body. Having seen and experienced the way that fat women are told they deserve to be seen/treated in relationships, my documentary aims to counteract that narrative. My personal narrative documentary was made in the hopes of empowering women see that fat women do deserve to be in loving and respectful relationships, using my personal story as an example.

I hope you enjoy my documentary and thank you for spending the time to watch it.

Sincerely, Sam Davis-Boyd

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