Audience FEEDBACK Video: CHAMPION, 8min, Argentina, Documentary/Animal

Watch Moderation Video from the May 2016 FEEDBACK Documentary Short Film Festival. Moderated by Matthew Toffolo.

CHAMPION, 8min, Argentina, Documentary/Animal

  MOVIE POSTERCHAMPION, 8min, Argentina, Documentary/Animal
Directed by Andres Passoni

Every Sunday greyhound fans take their passion to the dog tracks. The spectators gather attracted by big bets, they watch the animals with the program in hand and choose their favorites to bet on them a sum of money hoping to win the prize with the greyhound champion.

Director’s Statement:

All my life I felt attracted by image and sound. I was born and raised in a farm and I am convinced nature is the reason why I like to explore the mysteries of this world. “Champion” began on a family birthday, during a conversation my uncle told me he liked going to greyhound racing and instantly I knew that there was an interesting story to tell.

Greyhound racing is a spectacle that many consider sport and is referred to as “recreational activity”. All weekends in different parts of the country fans called “galgueros” take their passion to the dog tracks.

There are different views on greyhound racing as entertainment and the use of animals as a spectacle. Galgueros defend on the grounds that the care they offer to their dogs is extreme. Some associations that defend the rights of animals perform various activities worldwide against greyhound racing.

Aware of the different points of view my main objective was to let the viewer discover this world and draw their own conclusions.

As a filmmaker I wanted to achieve images, textures and colors that could last in the mind of the spectator, constantly revealing a new exciting element, and from the sound design to reflect the different sensations, but most important everything was designed from the point of view of the dog trying to capture the world that revolves around them. In greyhound racing I perceive passion, and it is the word that describes exactly what I feel when I decide to tell a story. I hope to evoke the same feeling to anyone that sees this film.

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