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MOVING PARIS played to rave reviews at the FEEDBACK Film Festival in 2015.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK of the Film:

  MOVIE POSTERMOVING PARIS, Musical/Dancing, 3min, France
Directed by Jevan Chowdhury

This short film observes the meeting of 28 dancers and the city of Paris.

Dance, People, Cars, Trains, Planes. Cities are mesmerising. Moving Cities celebrates this. Founded in London in 2014 by Wind & Foster director Jevan Chowdhury, Moving Cities captures international dancers in real settings. So far London, Prague, Paris and Brussels have been captured. This film presses pause for a moment and lets us take a look. A real intersection between art and life, almost dark theatrical show with Parisian traffic as a backdrop.

Original title: Moving Cities: Paris

International Title: Moving Cities: Paris

Country of production: France, United Kingdom

Type: Shortfilm

Category: Art

Genre: Video Art, Art/Installation, Dance

Subject matter: Dance, Expressionism, Speed, City, Culture

Colour: Black & White

Go to and learn more about this film and its series.


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