Short Film: echoes, 40min., Canada

Directed by Carly Elizabeth Williams
The spiritual connection humans have with water goes unbeknownst to most. Viewing through the eyes of those who seek adventures beneath the surface, we can recognize the intensity of the effect humans have on this element that surrounds our daily life.

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Director Biography – Carly Elizabeth Williams

Carly Williams is a well-rounded independent filmmaker from Toronto, Canada who has a passion for storytelling. Her films span across a number of genres, including experimental and drama, addressing themes of water, melancholy, grief and bereavement.
She believes that film theory is just as important as the technical film practice, and loves sharing her knowledge with both her peers and the next generation of filmmakers.
She has presented at the Society of Cinema and Media Studies undergraduate conference in April 2018 and presented at the International Conference on Film Studies at the University of London in February 2019. She currently holds an MFA from X University in Documentary Media, and Honours Baccalaureate Degree in Film & Television from Sheridan College.

Director Statement

The spiritual connection humans have with water can go unbeknownst to most. However, an entirely different community longs to be beneath the surface, searching for many different immersive experiences. Scuba-Diving is a recreational sport that is often considered extreme due to the nature of the environment in which scuba happens: in the vast open waters. To some, it is the quiet experience away from the chaos of the surface; to others, it is exploring new places that only a handful of people have seen. While under the water, divers witness a whole other kind of inner-space in which we can see the effects we have on our world. It triggers an awareness of our impact on preserving its natural resources. Viewing through the eyes of those who seek adventures beneath the surface, we recognize the intensity of humans’ effect on this vital element that surrounds us in our daily lives.

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