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Nubar Alexanian is a highly acclaimed photojournalist and filmmaker who, for the past 40 years, has worked for magazines in the U.S & Europe including Life Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Fortune, Geo, Time & Newsweek, National Geographic and many others. He’s also produced & directed long and short form videos for organizations and companies such as Bose Corporation, The Conversation Project, Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archive, Science All Around Us (TV pilot) Calling All Chefs and others. Nubar has six books in print, including JAZZ with Wynton Marsalis and Nonfiction Photographs by Nubar Alexanian From the Film Sets of Errol Morris.
Since October 2011 he has been working on a feature documentary film with his daughter Abby, that deals with the powerful legacy of the Armenian genocide and the ways that a century of silence and denial has shaped their family and themselves. His production company, Walker Creek Media, LLC was created in 2006 and produces short documentary films for non-profit organizations.

Director Statement

“For more than four decades I’ve been living along the Great Marsh in Massachusetts and I’ve come to know and love it as both a fisherman and a photographer. I was shocked in June 2017 when I found out that invasive green crabs were decimating this profound and delicate ecosystem, and dismayed to discover that very few people knew about it. Making this film is my attempt to bring attention to this critical issue by creating a narrative experience of what’s actually going on – not just in my back yard, but along both coasts of North America and beyond.”
~Nubar Alexanian

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