Short Film: 8 POEMS OF EMIGRATION, 11min., Turkey, Documentary

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8 Poems of Emigration is a non-fiction film which focuses on the immigration crisis of the world. Reasons of immigration (and the troubles of immigrants) have become the crucial and controversial issue for humanity. Caused by the wild global capitalism (wars, climate change, authoritarian regimes, income disparity etc.) that dominates the globe, this social-political crisis evolves to be the one of the deepest moral issues that humanity faces.
The film experiments with the found footage (taken from an internet company that sells stock video images for commercial usage), found sound (John Berger reading his poems to gathered audience* and a music stock from jingle selling internet company). Narration of the film builds up from the clash of video images and audio. Using the commercial images and commercial music out of context, the film forms a (counter context) narrative that back fires to the capitalism.
“Television has attacked us for a lifetime, now we fight back.” Nam June Paik

* from a poetic reading (And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief As Photos) in 2007 at Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid Spain

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