Director Biography – Claire Downey, Taylor Autumn Herndon, Tessa Lawrence (&YOU)

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Tessa Lawrence is a media arts and anthropology major at James Madison University. Her interests in cultural research and advocacy have inspired her passion for film, where she strives to inspire conversation through storytelling.

Taylor Autumn Herndon is a senior theatre and film student at James Madison University with a heart for justice and storytelling. She aspires to be bold in her work and never stop learning.

Claire Downey is a media arts (film) and anthropology major at James Madison University. She has always had a passion for non-fiction and educational film, and hopes to one day make documentaries as a platform to help promote human rights.

Director Statement

This short documentary was intended show a deeply honest and genuine perspective of a survivor and advocate for sexual assault on college campuses. Recently, media has covered a lot about sexual assault and harassment due to the #metoo movement. Although this public conversation is a great step in the right direction, survivors stories will often be dramatized and distorted in order to create “a better story”. We decided to take an emotional approach, of which would show what’s its like to deal with the aftermath of assault instead of just the assault itself. With the privilege of Carolines vulnerability and trust, she gave us an intimate look into her perspective and hardships that she continues to overcome.

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