Taobh Le Taobh Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Feb. 2020 DOCUMENTARY Festival

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This film investigates the artistic process of visual artist Matthew Mitchell and his exploration of texture, surface and topography in the Burren, County Clare.
Drawing both inspiration and raw materials from the local environment we follow the artist on a journey through the textures of the Burren; down into dark limestone grikes, deep into the weightless underwater world and high up into the air above the karst landscape.
On one level, this film is about the inspiration of place in an artist’s work. On another level it asks deeper questions about how rapidly developing digital technologies are affecting our perception of the natural environment and how a superimposed digital info-sphere meets an ancient primitive landscape.
Directed, filmed and edited by Kev L Smith and with a script written and voiced by the artist himself (Matthew Mitchell) and original music by Darragh Quinn (composed using field recordings and sampled sounds from the artist’s studio), this film aspires to give a unique insight into a unique artist working in a unique place.

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