Short Film: PHYLLIS AND FRANCESCA 48 YEARS ON, 9min., Australia, Documentary

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In 1970, when Australia could barely fathom the idea of lesbian relationships, and homosexuality was illegal, the ABC television show This Day Tonight interviewed young couple Phyllis and Francesca. It questioned them on how they could really know they were lesbians, and looked at the ‘science’ of the time on homosexuality.

Despite being little known, Phyllis and Francesca started Australia’s first gay rights activist group. Decades later in late 2017, as the country was bitterly debating same-sex marriage, filmmaker Edwina searched for the couple to ask them about the impacts of speaking out in such a conservative era. A month before the interview, Australia voted 64 per cent in favour of marriage equality.

Via Phyllis and Francesca’s story, this short documentary explores Australia’s unbelievable attitudes in 1970, how they have changed, and what life is like after 48 years of love.

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