Director Biography – Hadley Hendon (BLESSING)

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Hadley Hendon was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.
Early in her collegiate career she made the transition from pursuing a degree in theater to film.She felt as though as an actor she did not have the agency to say what she wanted to say, she couldn’t express my ideas or my beliefs. She realized the best medium to show her truth is through filmmaking. Showing honesty, showing vulnerability, and taking productive steps to incite change are her goals in filmmaking.

Director Statement

“Blessing” is a short documentary film made in Marrakesh, Morocco. This story follows Najat’s lifelong journey to find independence. Growing up in a wheelchair she was always looked down upon by society and her family. After the passing of her mother she decided to take control of her life when she was hired by the social enterprise Al Nour.

My team and I wrapped production on this film a year ago. After many months of hard work we are very proud of the finished product and we are so excited to share Najat’s story.

Getting this film exposure supports us as up and coming filmmakers as well as getting the word out about Al Nour, the social enterprise where our subject, Najat, works. More importantly, her story sheds light on a much bigger conversation, accessibility and inclusivity. We are living in dark times right now but we believe that sharing inspiring stories helps spark change. Najats strength and Al Nours determination to support women are stories we need to hear.

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